Blogging Again

   “Away for too long…”

That’s how its been these past 3 years with regards to my blogging duties. Forgotten? Not likely. Neglected? Absolutely not! Let’s just say I “tucked in away”  blogging for a while for other more important matters like having to settle my dialysis treatment regimen and other financial and logistics concerns. But I’m back into blogging again, that’s what matters now. Hitting those keys and the sound of keyboard clatter as I typed away my insights felt like a welcome lullaby, soothing my overspent brain cells from dialysis.


2015 is here and there’s so many things I wanted to share with my readers. Things that happened the past 3 years of blogging hiatus.

There’s more to come, that’s for sure…

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a blogger and a freelance graphics artist undergoing dialysis treatment since 2003. An enthusiastic person by nature, loves blogging, cooking, research, tinkering around, and gunpla scale modelling

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