Current Health Concerns

By | May 2, 2009

4328healthconcerns300The current news about Swine Flu Virus has been the subject of discussion on our dialysis clinic recently. Concern and unrest seems to be the general consensus, and for good reason, I might say. It’s because we dialysis patients are immunocompromised, meaning our immune system is down and it would be quite difficult for us to fight diseases compared to a normal individual. Coping with the rigors of treatment is hard enough already, and any viral outbreak like this would simply spell disaster for us.

Our weak immune system is the reason behind our continuous vigilance to health issues around us. It’s hard enough to cope with the rigors of dialysis already and an added ailment would seem too much to bear anymore. That’s why the news of Swine Flu outbreak, and any viral outbreak for that matter, would immediately warrant concern and unrest among us dialysis patients. And even though there’s still no reported case of swine flu outbreak here in the Philippines, it still wouldn’t hurt to be prepared.

Here are some ways that I employ myself to minimize contamination from airborne diseases:

  • Stay away from crowded places like malls, parks, market places, and the like, especially during rainy season where cold and flu are rampant.
  • If there’s nothing important for you to do outside, just try to remain at home.
  • Stay away or avoid direct contact with a family member or relative that has a cold, fever, or flu.
  • Don’t forget to take the medicines prescribed by your doctor, especially those that helps boost the immune system.
  • Be sensible with your food choices. Eating right helps your body build resistance from diseases.
  • Wash your hands and maintain personal hygiene at all times.
  • If you still work and travel a lot, it is advisable to wear a face mask for protection.

The things I’ve mentioned above are some of the ways that could help you get out of harm’s way if you’re a dialysis patient. Even though it might not be completely foolproof, there’s still no harm on trying to be safe, especially if you’re as susceptible as us.

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of care… and isn’t it proves right on the mark?

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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