Exercise Your Way To Dialysis Fitness

By | April 23, 2009

Dialysis patients have to maintain a certain ideal weight that is established by their clinic’s medical staff. This is called Dry Weight. The excess weight you accumulate in between dialysis sessions would be your Weight Gain and that’s what will be removed from you during treatment in order to attain your Goal or dry weight. Simply said, it’s your actual weight at the time of treatment minus (-) your dry weight equals (=) your Goal.

There are many ways to manage your weight while on dialysis. One is a strict discipline and sensible choices on diet and nutrition. Another is exercise to maintain your weight gains to more tolerable levels.

The National Kidney Foundation couldn’t have said it better:

Physical fitness is very important in today’s world. Everyone is enjoying the benefits of greater strength and feeling better. Exercise keeps your body strong and healthy.

With exercise, it becomes easier to get around, do your necessary tasks and still have some energy left over for other activities you enjoy.

In addition to increased energy, other benefits from exercise may include:

  • improved muscle physical functioning
  • better blood pressure control
  • improved muscle strength
  • lowered level of blood fats (cholesterol and triglycerides)
  • better sleep
  • better control of body weight.

But before going through any exercise regiments or programs, a dialysis patient must first consult his/her doctor in order to have a better understanding on these things to consider:

  • type of exercise
  • length of time you spend exercising
  • how often you exercise
  • how hard you work while exercising.

Exercise has many benefits, not just for patients, but also for anyone endeavoring to lead a healthy life. Seeking your doctor’s advice would be the first thing in order, and after acquiring his permission and guidelines, the rest would very much depend on your better judgment. Try to read books about the subject matter and I recommend visiting the National Kidney Foundation for further education.

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