It’s been quite some time now since the last time I’ve posted on this blog. My last post, Blogging Again, is somewhat of a filler, and is actually not what you may call “article”. I may be accused of neglect. Well, I might have, and might have not. I have been busy with my dialysis treatment these past few months, among another thousand things (including Farmville in Facebook… hehehe.)

hiatus from blogging

But all being said and done, I’m back to blogging. I missed postings here, the journals that I write down as I travel the life in dialysis treatment. Along with the helpful and informative articles I hope I’m able to write and provide, not just for my fellow patients, but for those interested as well. I have been fine throughout this hiatus and the same I could say for my treatment.

It’s nice to be back and writing again, that’s for sure!

Post Author: jtsantos

a blogger and a freelance graphics artist undergoing dialysis treatment since 2003. An enthusiastic person by nature, loves blogging, cooking, research, tinkering around, and gunpla scale modelling

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