Hypertension All Over Again

Rebound Hypertension
Rebound high blood pressure is blood pressure elevation in response to stopping or reducing hypertension medications. It literally means blood pressure once put under control rebounds.

Reference – Hypertension-Bloodpressure-Center

I have been dealing with Rebound Hypertension the whole last quarter of year 2014. Being as such described above, rebounds in high blood pressure among us CKD & dialysis patients are a common occurrence. With all the medications I take and constant fluctuations in electrolyte balance, high blood pressure getting uncontrolled is always a looming threat. Add a malfunctioning kidney that regulates the pressure in the mix, and you’ve got yourself something to make your brain cells burn from figuring out how to control your blood pressure problems.


It took me almost the whole last quarter of last year to bring down my blood pressure to tolerable levels. Before that, my daily BP average hovers at the 180 systolic range, and come late afternoon it would drastically spike up to 220. Although I’m asymptomatic – meaning I don’t feel common side effects of high BP like headaches and nausea – the spikes still worries me like hell. It’s constant like clockwork for like two months and I resorted to taking sub-lingual antihypertensive in the afternoon, when the spike is at its peak, just to bring it down to nominal levels. Let me tell you first hand that this is not the way to go since there are instances that the meds could bring down your pressure drastically to critical levels, rendering you flat.

After numerous visits to my Nephrologist and constant adjustments of my blood pressure medicines, I’m glad to say that I’m starting to get my BP down into tolerable levels. Still far from the acceptable levels for CKD & dialysis patients, but enough for now to set my mind at ease a bit.

This is among the obstacles that I often encounter living with CKD & dialysis. I just cope. It’s still a long road to take, a never-ending battle to fight.

  I intend to Survive…


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