Nature’s Wrath When Least Expected

By | October 6, 2009

The previous onslaught of Tropical Storm Ondoy last Saturday, September 26 left people here in Metro Manila stunned and grieving. Floods devastated the city and left traffic almost non-existent, if not leaving them at a stand still, on streets. Here in our immediate area, where the deepest flooded area reached waist high, we weathered out the storm inside the house.

It was a devastating experience, this flash floods. I was due for a dialysis treatment on that fateful day and all I could do was call the clinic, cancel my schedule, and get listed for another session. I’m lucky enough that I wasn’t toxic and overloaded with fluid because if that were the case, I wouldn’t be able to make it that Monday. I would have gone to a hospital for an emergency dialysis if I haven’t been controlling my fluid intake.


Ah well, nevertheless, the past incidence serves a reminder for patients like me to be prepared for the unexpected. Someone like me who’s been on dialysis for quite a long time now has already grasped the importance of a regular treatment cycle. Whether I like it or not, I must admit that these treatment schedules are so important to me now, it’s been a part of my everyday existence.

Being prepared for the worse scenarios like typhoons, calamities and disaster is not being a pessimist or an alarmist. For us patients who relies on our dialysis treatments for life, being prepared is just being realistic.

(Note: By the way, I’ve decided to abuse another picture for this post. In fact, I am thinking of doing my own images for the rest of my upcoming posts… what do you think guys? Is it a good idea?)

5 thoughts on “Nature’s Wrath When Least Expected

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    Good luck.

  3. Zorlone


    I have seen patients who miss schedules during dialysis and the outcome is never good. At least you had the presence of mind to restrict your fluid intake and to continue with your meds, uhm, you didn’t mention it here, but I was hoping you did.

    Since we are in a tropical country and heavy rain falls are not unexpected, we have to always be prepared, of course, how prepared can anyone be when mother nature hurls its complaints on mankind. 🙁

    Bro, you edited that picture? Wow! That is awesome!


    1. julius santos Post author

      Yes Doc, fortunately I have restricted my fluid intake that particular week. I have a habit of reading the local news website, as well as the pagasa website. I also like pouring over their weather satellite data and images. I guess this leads to my foresight and preparing for times like these, and let me tell you that it paid me well when the time came.

      Yes I edited those pictures. I do freelance graphics design for a living and I’ve uploaded some of my works on my facebook account.

      Thanks for dropping by Doc Z! Really appreciate it.


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