Hypertension All Over Again

I have been dealing with Rebound Hypertension the whole last quarter of year 2014. Being as such described above, rebounds in high blood pressure among us CKD & dialysis patients are a common occurrence. With all the medications I take and constant fluctuations in electrolyte balance, high blood pressure getting uncontrolled is always a looming threat. Add a […]

blood sample

Dialysis Update – June Laboratory Test Results

I had my monthly laboratory test for the month of June taken last week and only just now did I find the time to post it here. The past week had been quite busy for me, redesigning Dialysis Postings and my other blogs – Private Corner and Itlog de Arina, and my grandfather being rushed to […]

Anemia in Kidney Failure and Dialysis Patients

Most of us already know that our kidneys filter the waste from the food we eat. But few are aware that waste filtration is only one of the numerous jobs our kidneys perform in our body. It also produces hormones that regulates blood pressure, among other things. But do you know that the kidneys are […]