Hypertension and Kidney Failure

Hypertension or high blood pressure runs in our family. Several of my relatives either died of a heart attack or stroke caused by hypertension that’s been left untreated. I had hypertension as early as my high school days, although I am completely unaware of it. It was just brought up to my attention six years […]

Food Considerations For Dialysis Patients

I recently wrote an article on why dialysis patients must be sensible on their eating habits, and the equal importance of consulting with your Nephrologist and Renal Dietitian before starting a diet plan. This time, I’m writing about the basic minerals found in food that concerns a dialysis patient, like Protein, Potassium, Phosphorus, Sodium, etc. […]

My Dialysis Treatment Update

It has been quite a rough week for me in terms of health and nutrition. I have been eating and drinking liberally these past few days, for the simple reason that I just felt I had to satisfy my urge to do so, and paid quite rather painfully when my treatment session came. I’m just […]

Diet and Nutrition For Dialysis Patients

Diet and nutrition are two important things a dialysis patient must consider. Food gives you energy and helps your body repair itself Your blood picks up nutrients from your food and carries them to all your body cells. These cells take nutrients from your blood and put waste products back into the bloodstream. Good nutrition […]