Hypertension – Living with It, Dealing with It

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, as it is more commonly known, is one of the silent killers that plagues the general¬†population. It owes its lethal efficiency to the fact that it goes on undetected for months, and even for years, up until a point where¬†significant damage has already been done. Such as it was in […]

My Dialysis Treatment Update

It has been quite a rough week for me in terms of health and nutrition. I have been eating and drinking liberally these past few days, for the simple reason that I just felt I had to satisfy my urge to do so, and paid quite rather painfully when my treatment session came. I’m just […]

Diet and Nutrition For Dialysis Patients

Diet and nutrition are two important things a dialysis patient must consider. Food gives you energy and helps your body repair itself Your blood picks up nutrients from your food and carries them to all your body cells. These cells take nutrients from your blood and put waste products back into the bloodstream. Good nutrition […]

Exercise Your Way To Dialysis Fitness

Dialysis patients have to maintain a certain ideal weight that is established by their clinic’s medical staff. This is called Dry Weight. The excess weight you accumulate in between dialysis sessions would be your Weight Gain and that’s what will be removed from you during treatment in order to attain your Goal or dry weight. […]